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The following is easy to complete and can be submitted without including your contact information. This form goes to the Ohio Department of Education and is an effective tool for ensuring professionals in education are upholding the standards to which they have agreed.

The following is how you request public records from the Lakota District. Whenever you have a question about money spent; discussions between leaders/administrators/employees; contracts; studies; etc., this is how you ask for the information.
Public Records Requests – Lakota Local School District (

Email the School Board:

On November 2, 2022 the Lakota Board of Education voted 4-1 to accept the findings of an investigation conducted by a firm hired by the Board.  Allegations against Mr. Miller were both criminal and moral in nature, but the Butler County Sheriff had already cleared Mr. Miller of any criminal wrongdoing and moral issues are not in the purview of the Sheriff.  So the purpose of the Board investigation to provide an extra level of assurance to the community that Mr. Miller was not a threat to children or staff, should have encompassed moral concerns the Sheriff didn’t address.  But the board investigation did not include morality in its scope, so Mr. Miller’s moral failure has yet to be addressed.

The records from the Butler County Sheriff, particularly the interview transcripts of Mr. Miller and his ex-wife, show undeniable evidence of moral failure, so the 4-1 vote suggests that four of the members of the Board condone the behavior described in the public records.

A growing number of parents and community members disagree.  We believe Matt Miller’s behavior does not reflect the moral standard of the community, it should not be the role model for the children of Lakota and we do not want this type of behavior to be accepted or tolerated by the Board.  It is not behavior becoming of any leader in our community, including the Superintendent of schools.

Therefore, all signatures to the following petition, indicate disapproval of such behavior and call for the board to not tolerate, condone or accept such behavior as testified to by Matt Miller in the investigation transcripts provided by the Butler County Sheriff’s office, as well as the additional information in the Sheriff’s report.